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1. Where’s the bottle?

There are no bottles. Purity Water machines are connected to the mains water supply.

2. What’s the monthly cost?

There are no monthly costs. When you become a customer of Purity Water, you own the watercooler which comes with a three and half year service and maintenance agreement.

3. There’s no water supply where I want the machine.

Purity Water machines can be located quite a long distance, and in a different room if necessary, from the water supply. You will be advised of how we would install the machine at the site survey.

4. Will I need a plumber?

Purity Water carries out the full installation for you. However, in exceptional circumstances other arrangements may have to be made.

5. Can we change the filters ourselves?

Purity Water can provide parts and training for filter changes. Please speak to one of our representatives for more details.

6. What happens after the initial Service Agreement (3 ½ years) runs out?

The service agreement can be renewed on annual basis as a filter and sanitisation agreement only or full cover agreement. 

7. Is there a risk of leaks or floods?

All our machines are fitted with the industry recommended “Water-Blocker”. This shuts off the water supply should a leak occur.

8. What happens if our machine stops working?

If you have taken out a Purity Water Service Agreement then we will give you a temporary replacement while your machine is being repaired. If you have not taken out the cover, we can arrange your machine to be repaired at an additional cost.

9. The hot water is not hot enough.

Quick checks you can make:-

A. Is the machine plugged into the electrical socket?

B. Where your machine has a hot tank switch on the back of the machine is this on?

Purity Water machines provide hot water up to a temperature of 95 degrees.  Most of the machines have an adjustable thermostat. If you would like the temperature increased please contact us to see if this is possible.

10. How long does it take to get our new watercooler delivered?

As quickly as you require.

11. How long does it take to install a watercooler?

Typically we allow an hour for installations. However, as discussed at your site survey, this will depend on the complexity. It can be as quick as 20 minutes or as long as 2 to 3 hours.


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