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A watercooler – either bottled or mains filtered – enables you, your staff, and your clients to have high quality drinking water in places where there may not otherwise be a source of water, for example in reception areas, or at the other end of the office to the kitchen.


A watercooler keeps your staff and customers hydrated and healthy (making them more alert and efficient) and cuts down on the amount of wasted time spent going to the shop to buy water.


Why choose a mains filtered watercooler?


    1. It is an honest product. 


Mains filtered water is exactly what it says it is.  99% of impurities, bacteria and chemicals present in standard tap water are filtered out before you drink. 


    2. It is available at a sensible price.


Customers have saved up to 70% by swapping to mains filtered watercooler from bottled ones.  There are no ongoing monthly or variable costs. 


    3. It is easy to manage and very convenient.


With a Purity Water machine you eliminate all the problems of storing and lifting large water bottles, and all those complicated monthly invoices are a thing of the past.


    4. It is better for the environment.


There are no large bottling plants or distribution trucks causing pollution and adding to traffic congestion, and there are no plastic bottles to ‘dispose’ of.

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